Alteryx Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Real-World Data Problems with Alteryx Designer

Brian Graves
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Save time on your next data project

You know how the worst part of creating any data dashboard or report is preparing and cleaning your data so it's ready for analysis?

Well, I teach data analysts how to cut their data clean up and prep time by 50% or more by creating awesome data workflows with Alteryx.

A "game-changer" for data professionals

Alteryx Designer is a desktop tool that allows you to work with all sorts of data so you can get your job done quickly and accurately.

If you are familiar with the larger ETL tools that move large amounts of data from one spot to another, Alteryx is like that but less technical and more analyst-friendly.

If you have spent hours working on complex SQL statements or Excel formulas trying to get your data ready for analysis or reporting, Alteryx will be like a breath of fresh air.

Prepare your data before lunchtime

I help all sorts of people with Alteryx.

For example, a colleague of mine (Elizabeth) was tasked with creating a new sales dashboard for her team with a deadline of 2 weeks.

It was brand new data set for an important new client, so the pressure was on.

The old way of using Excel to clean up the data (which involves super boring tasks like removing columns, filtering records, and blending additional data sources) would normally take 3-4 days and involve multiple tedious rounds of manual updates and data validation.

After I helped her with Alteryx, Elizabeth finished prepping the data set one morning in just 3 hours by creating a streamlined data workflow for the project.

Better yet, she was able to quickly make adjustments and add in a brand new data set halfway through the 2-week project timeline without fearing that something was going to break.

Because she saved so much time on the boring and repetitive parts of the project, Elizabeth was able to share an early preview of the sales dashboard with her client to get initial feedback.

The fact that she delivered results so far ahead of the deadline really built trust with the new client and opened opportunities for new projects.

Alteryx was a game-changer for Elizabeth by shifting boring and error-prone tasks from a manual process in Excel to a streamlined and easy-to-maintain data workflow.

The shortcut to learning Alteryx essentials

The Alteryx Handbook is a step-by-step guide for beginners to intermediate data professionals.

I put the most important tasks in the guide and nothing else.

Then I broke every task down into detailed instructions.

Finally, I put that all into a guide for you to learn the essentials of preparing the data for your next project with Alteryx.

What others have said about The Alteryx Handbook

Wow! Brian, this is fantastic! The resources are extensive, the formatting is crisp and easy to read, and I like how you broke out the "try it out" sections. – Anna, Training Director, U.S.

Hi Brian, I'm the fella running your Alteryx material [for training]. It's superb. We're having a great time with it and it's been a blast to teach. [...] Appreciate everything! – Ray, Alteryx Trainer, U.S.

What's included in the handbook

  • Project-based learning with real-world examples
  • Step-by-step instructions for the most important Alteryx tools
  • Resource file with all the CSV and Excel files you need
  • Full-color PDF with more than 50 pages of detailed instructions

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Affiliate Program

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  • PDF, Workflows, and Data Sets

  • Full Color Pages
  • Alteryx Workflows Included
  • CSV/Excel Resource Files
  • PDF, Workflows, and Data Sets
  • Full Color Pages50+
  • Alteryx Workflows Included8
  • CSV/Excel Resource Files15
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Alteryx Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Real-World Data Problems with Alteryx Designer

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